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2016-12-14 Browse and rate your favorite Bob Dylan songs!
2016-10-15 Desert Trip, Weekend Two: Why try to change it now?
2016-10-13 Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in literature. So?
2016-10-10 Desert Trip, Weekend One
2016-05-05 "Fallen Angels"– the Originals


2015-05-20 Fourth time around: Dylan at Letterman
2015-04-07 Bob Dylan's New York
2015-02-08 2015 Speech of the Year


2014-12-22 In memory of Joe Cocker: Cocker sings Dylan
2014-12-20 "Shadows in the Night" – the Originals
2014-11-26 "AustroBob" – an odd yet genuinely authentic new Bob Dylan book (in German)
2014-06-28 Vienna 28 June, 2014: A surprising performance of a non-surprising setlist
2014-06-24 Top 20 tour songs 2014 as rated by fans
2014-06-21 Gerry Goffin/Bob Dylan
2014-05-31 Smoking through the years
2014-05-29 What to expect from Bob Dylan live in 2014
2014-05-10 Ugliest Girl Remix
2014-05-08 Future Bootleg Series volumes we want to see published
2014-05-06 10 rare Dylan songs you should know
2014-04-25 An anniversary albums flashback
2014-04-23 "At Budokan" released 35 years ago
2014-04-14 Visit PBD's brand new Facebook page!


2013-11-04 Bob Dylan music discussion site relaunched
2013-08-26 Days of '69


2012-09-05 A tempest's a-gonna come
2012-08-29 "Duquesne Whistle" video premieres on
2012-05-30 A medal of honor


2011-12-10 "Chimes of Freedom": 50 years of Amnesty International
2011-11-23 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on Bob Dylan bootlegs
2011-11-23 European Tour Finale 2011 with Mark Knopfler
2011-09-16 Series of dreams: 20 years of Bootleg Series
2011-08-25 Dylan at Play
2011-08-17 Jeff Bridges performs "The Man in Me"
2011-08-08 Bob and Jakob complete song drafts rescued from Hank Williams' notebook
2011-07-26 ”My grandfather was the Jay-Z of his time“
2011-05-25 Video: The Life and Career of Bob Dylan
2011-05-24 Happy 70th birthday, Bob!
2011-05-21 New website for Bob Dylan fans:
2011-05-18 Top Dylan Songs selected by the fans
2011-03-31 When Bob Met Woody
2011-02-28 He gave her his heart, but she wanted his soul...
2011-02-15 Bob Dylan live at 53rd Grammys
2011-01-28 Bob Dylan oil painting by Stanley Silver
2011-01-24 Subterranean Homesick Blues Remixes


2010-10-29 Guess he’s doing fine
2010-10-24 “If Not For You” Scarlet Rivera version?
2010-10-15 Original Mono Recordings released
2010-08-30 Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash painting
2010-06-14 Another side of Positively Bob Dylan
2010-04-30 Bob Dylan Soundtrack for "My Own Love Song"
2010-04-23 Rare '67 test pressing surfaced
2010-03-17 Happy St. Patrick's Day!


2009-12-01 In my flashforward I had breakfast with Bob Dylan
2009-10-29 Unreleased song featured on NCIS Soundtrack album
2009-10-13 Christmas Charity album released
2009-07-30 Drawn Blank Series 2009
2009-07-10 Enjoy your summertime!
2009-06-26 In memoriam Michael Jackson
2009-06-10 Limited Edition Swiss Watch & Memorabilia Exhibition
2009-05-24 Beyond Here Lies Nothin' Music Video
2009-04-22 New Bob Dylan releases in spring 2009
2009-03-26 Heylin presents "Revolution in the Air"
2009-03-19 New Dylan exhibition in Berlin
2009-02-13 Bob Dylan poetry special
2009-02-07 Every generation refreshes the world


2008-12-20 New Bob Dylan website launched
2008-09-09 "Dreamin' Of You" video
2008-08-10 Tell Tale Signs
2008-06-06 From Iceland to Portugal
2008-05-16 Signed Dylan items wanted for Cancer Foundation auction
2008-05-09 Dylan's second exhibition of original paintings
2008-05-06 New Dylan exhibition and events at Skirball Cultural Center
2008-04-08 Pulitzer Prize 2008: Special Citation to Bob Dylan
2008-03-27 Zainab McCoy on Chronicles translation
2008-03-17 Exclusive offer: Dylan's original 1st Chronicles manuscript!
2008-02-29 It's Rolling Thunder hat time again!
2008-02-28 Symposium "Defining Dylan"
2008-02-18 A Freewheelin' Time Again
2008-02-11 Song to Bobby
2008-01-15 Golden Globe for Blanchett
2008-01-04 Called home by the Highlands


2007-12-20 Mike Hobo's Legendary Bob Dylan Website relaunched as "Positively Bob Dylan"
2007-11-25 Bob puts the pedal down
2007-11-13 The essential John Hammond biography
2007-10-08 Unpublished 1961 Dylan song discovered
2007-09-29 Oh No! Not Another Bob Dylan Compilation!
2007-08-26 "I'm Not There" movie clip leaked on YouTube
2007-06-15 2007 Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts
2007-04-26 Rollin' and tumblin' through Europe
2007-02-22 Neverending awards
2007-01-19 10 Years of Bob Dylan on the Internet: The Mike Hobo Interview


2006-11-23 Rare vintage Dylan photos exhibited
2006-10-30 Post cards from Bob Dylan
2006-10-05 "The Times They Are A-Changin'" rocks Broadway
2006-09-07 The 30 years miracle
2006-08-25 Chimes of modern times
2006-08-07 Bob Dylan in bronze by Lesley Pover
2006-06-23 Interview with friends of the Pre-wheelin' Bob Dylan
2006-06-06 Piano Man Standing
2006-05-20 Happy 65th Birthday, Bob!
2006-04-14 Bandanas in a hard rain 30 years ago
2006-03-08 Exclusive interview with Bill Cohen on Dylan's early years in New York
2006-02-24 Come gather 'round, Bobfans!
2006-02-09 New musical based on Dylan's songs
2006-02-09 Dylan to record new studio album


2005-12-15 Dylan to host new weekly radio show
2005-12-13 Dylan photos by Daniel Kramer shown in London exhibition
2005-10-18 New Dylan song released
2005-08-30 Official Dylan photo exhibition in London
2005-08-05 Greil Marcus discusses “Like a Rolling Stone” on radio show
2005-08-03 Unreleased Dylan performances to be included on new DVD
2005-07-15 Two new Dylan albums to be released later this year!
2005-06-17 40 years and 6-and-half minutes of musical revolution
2005-05-25 New song comment feature
2005-03-01 Surprising winner at web's first Bob Dylan song voting
2005-01-14 First international Dylan song voting on the web


2004-12-14 New DVD "World Tours 1966-1974" released
2004-12-06 First TV interview in 20 years
2004-11-12 Dylan on Live Aid DVD
2004-10-22 Mike Hobo's Legendary Bob Dylan Site Revisited
2004-10-12 The Bobiography: Just Like a Dylan Song
2004-08-23 Lost Wilburys recordings to be released
2004-06-23 Coming up this summer: The Bob & Willie Show
2004-06-17 Dylan receives his second honorary degree
2004-04-27 Dylan appears in lingerie commercial
2004-02-11 Dylan's life coming up on the big screen!
2004-01-14 Scorsese does it again


2003-11-12 The PureCult ITV-Interview on Bob Dylan
2003-10-08 Bob on Johnny Cash
2003-04-23 Dylan to join "The Dead" again!
2003-04-03 'Cross the Green Mountain
2003-03-15 Bob Dylan is Jack Fate


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