"Duquesne Whistle" video premieres on guardian.co.uk

UK's guardian.co.uk website today published the video to Bob Dylan's new single "Duquesne Whistle", directed by Nash Edgerton (stunt double for Ewan Mcgregor in Star Wars Episode III). The song is also the first track on the forthcoming 35th studio album "Tempest" which will be on sale from September 7.
In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Dylan in his usual sarcarstic manner noted that "...specifically religious songs is what I wanted to do. That takes a lot more concentration to pull that off 10 times with the same thread than it does with a record like I ended up with."

You can rate the "Tempest" songs here: http://www.positively-bobdylan.com/recordings-revisited-discography/album/67-tempest ...and also post a comment on it if you like

MIKE HOBO | August 29, 2012 | MEDIA, RECORDS