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European Tour Finale 2011 with Mark Knopfler

On November 21st Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler wrapped up their 2011 European tour in London, performing a rare duet of "Forever Young" at the Hammersmith Apollo. Even though Knopfler had constantly joined Dylan's band on stage playing guitar, the fans had to wait until the last song of the last show of this tour to enjoy them singing a song together.
Mark Knopfler had collaborated with Dylan for the first time more than 30 years ago, playing guitar on the album "Slow Train Coming" (with the hit single and Grammy-awarded "Gotta Serve Somebody"), and producing his album "Infidels" in 1983 including the beautiful classic outtake "Blind Willie McTell".

The YouTube-user "cohenadmirer1" uploaded this nice audience video with sharp close-ups and excellent sound quality. Thanks, and enjoy!

MIKE HOBO | November 23, 2011 | LIVE

User comments

Rodney P. Eady November 28, 2011
Impressive publish! STICK WITH IT!

ira November 27, 2011
a hair standing on end moment for sure wonderful video and thank you for posting

Been there .. Seen it … Mark Knopfler en Bob Dylan | Rinie Altena November 26, 2011
[...] het laatste optreden in Europa op 21 november in Londen toch nog samen zingend: Prachtig duet! Share this:TwitterFacebookVind ik leuk:LikeWees de eerste om post te waarderen. Dit bericht is [...]

Veronica November 25, 2011
Tony Garnier looks to be having such great fun!!

Veronica November 25, 2011
Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I so love it when Mark sings May your songs always be sung, pointing at Bob!!!

Libby November 25, 2011
Overwhelmingly touching moment, a real joy to be there.

uriah hamilton November 25, 2011
Too beautiful to understand!!!

brian Murphy November 24, 2011
after all the uncountable heartfelt tributes and accolades by so many people over so many years to Bob Dylan, this 1 second gesture from Mark Knopfler just seems to sum up so much. really very moving

Paul Robert Thomas November 24, 2011
The best song from this whole tour and if only Bob would show a bit of emotion and not be so mechanical then maybe he would adhere himself to more people who fork out a lot of money to see him:)!

HANS in FRANCE November 24, 2011
What a great way to end a great tour for two heroes of music! I was at the show in Florence and considered even this week-end to pick-up three tickets for the last three dates in London and book a quick return flight with EasyJet or some other low-cost. In the back of my mind, after all the critique of HM's Voice, the thought that Bob may be considering throwing the towel when it comes to touring live, and that this Monday's show could well be the very last ever, since there are no shows planned at all for the moment. But after Florence I felt that that was a great show and sufficient for me for this year, hoping for other tours to come in 2012 or after. After seeing this clip and seeing the moving way Mark honored the Master of Lyrics and also seeing the way Bob returned the same favor at the end and seeing that they closed the whole tour with the song with which my wife and I once announced the birth of our daughter to the whole world, Forever Young, one of the most beautiful lyrics ever written, I now know I most certainly should have been at this show, no doubt! These closing 6 minutes would have worth the cost of traveling there by plane and paying for the last show of the tour for me without any hesitation. A very memorable moment and as good as it gets! May Bob's song always be sung! I'm pretty sure it will be....thanks for posting, Hans in France.

jzsnake November 24, 2011
What a beautiful performance to watch on Thanksgiving morning!

Fran November 24, 2011
I was in Glasgow (both), in Berlin and in Padua during this particulare tour, but not in that special night in London. I am a long time fan of both and I appreciated a lot this fine double video. Great idea! Thank you!

Aleck O November 24, 2011
Goose bumps when Knopfler acknowledged Dylan midway.

Paul November 24, 2011

Ulli M November 24, 2011
thanks for this fine cut. great performance. breath taking

Bernie November 24, 2011
Great work of a terrific moment

brian Murphy November 24, 2011
may your song alwaaaaays be sung.......

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