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Greil Marcus discusses “Like a Rolling Stone” on radio show

Celebrating four decades of Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone", the greatest rock song of all times according to Rolling Stone magazine, "Radio Open Source" presented author Greil Marcus in a discussion on the song, the times that brought it along and the way it changed popular music and culture since. Marcus has just recently published his new book "Like a Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan at the Crossroads".

"Open Source" is a nationally syndicated public radio show based in Boston. Its program is based on listeners' suggestions.

Marcus did a great job making the listeners relive the mid-1960s and the cultural atmosphere surrounding the creation of the song. He shared personal memories as well as biographical facts about Dylan's life until 1965: from his musical beginnings in High School, to the early influences by his "folk president" Woody Guthrie, the "Don't Look Back" documentary, his Beatles-inspired going electric, and finally the chaotic recording sessions on June 15 and 16, 1965 in Columbia's Studio A in New York City that "lead to an 'accident' that would change the history of popular music forever" (Greil Marcus).

You can download the complete aired program for free at www.radioopensource.org/still-rolling-forty-years-on/

MIKE HOBO | August 5, 2005 | MEDIA, RECORDS

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