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In memoriam Michael Jackson

In loving memory of one the world's biggest artists of our time, Michael Jackson who died yesterday at the age of 50, I'd like to post the only recorded song ever with the participation of both Michael Jackson and Bob Dylan. Bob's part starts at 3:45...

"There's a choice we're making We're saving our own lives, It's true we'll make a better day, Just you and me"

Click here for the complete lyrics including the names of the individual performers participating in the song.

"We are the World" (1984)


User comments

Nina June 30, 2009
Thank you for posting this, it's both thoughtful and witty of you to do this. I feel obliged to hate We Are The World, but of course it is too much fun to see everyone young(er), with their best 80s hair, mugging like the pros they are. I love the way Bob peers so attentively at the sheet music, to make sure he gets those intricate and subtle two lines just as they were written. Why does Kenny Loggins get all that screen time and Lindsey Buckingham is just passed over? Hall and Oates, god help us.

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