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In memory of Joe Cocker: Cocker sings Dylan

Today the sad news reached us of the passing of Joe Cocker (1944-2014). The legendary English singer, who started his career in the 1960s, will be remembered for his gritty voice and his bluesy cover versions of popular songs by artists such as The Beatles ("With a Little Help from My Friends", "Something"), Bob Dylan ("Dear Landlord", "Just Like a Woman") and Randy Newman ("You Can Leave Your Hat On").

In the four decades of his life as a performing artist, he covered many Bob Dylan songs. This is a streaming selection of 9 tracks, provided by Grooveshark. Enjoy!

Dear Landlord
("Joe Cocker!", 1969)

Just Like A Woman
("With a Little Help from My Friends", 1969)

I Shall Be Released
("With a Little Help from My Friends", 1969)

("Stingray", 1976)

The Man In Me
("Stingray", 1976)

Watching the River Flow
("Luxury You Can Afford", 1978)

Seven Days
("Sheffield Steel", 1982)

("Organic", 1996)

Ring Them Bells
("Hymn for My Soul", 2007)

MIKE HOBO | December 22, 2014 | PEOPLE, TRIBUTES

User comments

Frank December 28, 2014
More great covers of Dylan. RIP Joe Cocker.

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