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New website for Bob Dylan fans: milliondylanfans.com

No, it is not another facebook by far. And yes, it is a very tiny little website compared to other social networks. But that's not what it's all about. The newly designed milliondylanfans.com has been created especially for fans of Bob Dylan who want to meet and interact with like-minded folks. It's meant to be a starting point, since each fan can include a link to his or her facebook or other web profile, the newly found friendships with other Dylan enthusiasts are to be continued on a network of everybody's personal choice.
Of course it's absolutely free to join the Bob Dylan fan community. Registration is easy and only takes a minute, you can choose one out of five legendary Dylan-related locations to virtually "settle down" in: Duluth, Hibbing, Greenwich Village, The Big Pink, and Malibu. Once you are registered, you can interact with other fans, write messages on their "poster walls", and read what other fans have posted on your page. Plus you can post Bob Dylan-related status messages that will also appear directly on the front page. More features are coming soon... Try it, it's fun!

MIKE HOBO | May 21, 2011 | WEB

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Bob Dylan has some explaining to do after his paintings are exposed as copies of classic photos :: Gaia Gallery October 22, 2011
[...] authentic at all – he’s a plagiarist…everything about Bob is a deception'.   By Tom LeonardLast updated at 8:03 AM on 29th September 2011 Bob Dylan has been left with some expl... on his travels were exposed as copies of classic photographs taken by the likes of Henri [...]

Gypsy Heart May 24, 2011
Sorry didn't get registered or able to post in enough time for the earlier 2 hour show, but the Bob Dylan Birthday celebration continues on Public Broadcasting Radio Station KPFK in Los Angeles at 3:30 (PST) and 5pm (PST). They are a Pacifica Network station in LA and they have been running a massive archive preservation effort for the last couple of years of all the materials from their stations. In their vaults they have some of Dylan's first radio appearances on Pacifica radio station WBAI in NY. They had released a 17 minute piece last year, but they just put together a CD with nearly 4 hours of additionally material found and preserved from the archive. As part of their current fundraiser, today they are giving away a variety of Dylan materials. That collection is a premium for a $50 donation. You can listen to KPFK steaming live at : [external link] Once again sorry I didn't post in time for the 2 hour show. Here is the original presss release: [b]KPFK Celebrates the 70th Birthday of American Songwriting Legend, Political Activist and Pop Music Icon Bob Dylan Today[/b]Join KPFK's John Wiener, Alan Minsky and Maggie LePique today at 11AM to 1PM for exclusive fund drive programming. They will be featuring featuring: Sean Wilentz, author of Dylan in America; Bob Dylan rarities - interviews on WBAI in NYC from the early sixties; highlights of ten years of interviews about Dylan on KPFK with Greil Marcus, Sean Wilentz, and others; highlights from "No Direction Home", Martin Scorsese's documentary on Dylan from his arrival in New York in 1961 to his "retirement" following his motorcycle accident in 1966. In addition, everyone who pledges will be able to submit a favorite Bob Dylan song that we'll read with fund drive thank you's and consider for airplay on Dylan's birthday. Check out some of our thank you gifts.... Often they will post the shows on the KPFK archive to listen to later, though.

john May 24, 2011
some saw it someways others saw it otherways everybody saw it everyways many didn't see all realize you brought us all the ways Happy B

Miguel Cordeiro May 24, 2011
Bob Dylan 70 years old ! My name os Miguel Cordeiro and I´m a Brazilian artist. In my Blog I show an artwork as a comic strip for a Dylan song called Shake Shake Mama. Access my Blog to see the entire sequence of images. Blog Miguel Cordeiro Arquivos: [external link]

Mel Prussack May 22, 2011
Any fan in the tristate area should check out my exhibit "Dylan @ 70" at the Old Bridge Library in New Jersey for the month of June.

samdra May 22, 2011
Looking forward to this site for any news and tour updates in regards to Bob Dylan!!!

zumastirling2011 May 22, 2011
Great News Mike. Well done

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