New website for Bob Dylan fans:

No, it is not another facebook by far. And yes, it is a very tiny little website compared to other social networks. But that's not what it's all about. The newly designed has been created especially for fans of Bob Dylan who want to meet and interact with like-minded folks. It's meant to be a starting point, since each fan can include a link to his or her facebook or other web profile, the newly found friendships with other Dylan enthusiasts are to be continued on a network of everybody's personal choice.
Of course it's absolutely free to join the Bob Dylan fan community. Registration is easy and only takes a minute, you can choose one out of five legendary Dylan-related locations to virtually "settle down" in: Duluth, Hibbing, Greenwich Village, The Big Pink, and Malibu. Once you are registered, you can interact with other fans, write messages on their "poster walls", and read what other fans have posted on your page. Plus you can post Bob Dylan-related status messages that will also appear directly on the front page. More features are coming soon... Try it, it's fun!

MIKE HOBO | May 21, 2011 | WEB