Smoking through the years

Today it's World No Tobacco Day, created by member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) intended to encourage a 24-hour abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption. If you are a smoker, please participate. If you are not, please do not start. It ain't worth it. You still won't sing like Dylan and for sure not like Caruso at all. Instead take a look at these iconic photographies of Bob Dylan lighting up cigarettes through the years – and remember how times have changed:

Third Avenue, New York City, 1962
Photo: John Cohen

"The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan", 1963
Photo: David Gahr

Source: "No Direction Home" DVD

Source: unknown

London 1966
Photo: Barry Feinstein

England 1966
Photo: Jean Marie Perier


England 1966
Photo: Barry Feinstein

With George Harrison, 1970

The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration - Booklet (5-8)

With Neil Young & Eric Clapton, 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration 1992
Source: CD booklet

“Love & Theft”, 2001

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EDLIS Café June 02, 2014
[external link] Smoking album at the Caf, add any not there with good captions... ;-) EDLIS Café [external link]

ross rob June 02, 2014
Smokers are jokers

watermoods June 01, 2014
Thats a good one, Tempest 2012: [external link]

Smoking through the years June 01, 2014
[…] Smoking through the years […]

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