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Song to Bobby

Check out Cat Power's new album Jukebox which includes both a wonderful cover version of "I Believe In You" as well as a song dedicated to Bob in the manner of his 1962 "Song to Woody", "Song to Bobby". In the lyrics of her very personal song she reveals her love to Dylan, "Givin’ you my heart was my plan".

I found this live performance from French Canal+ TV channel on YouTube:

MIKE HOBO | February 11, 2008 | RECORDS, TRIBUTES

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dylan and cole sprouse March 13, 2008
Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin.....

halle berry billy bob thornton March 08, 2008
halle berry billy bob thornton... I Googled for something completely different, but found your page...and have to say thanks. nice read....

oh mercy February 12, 2008
WOW! Now that takes courage. What a lovely song and what courage to put it out there like that. I wouldn't really call it ala Woody's song. This is definitely a romantic plea. I think this resonates with a lot of women who heard Bob as teenagers and got a big old crush on him because of those fricking lyrics, then saw him and fell in love. And I'm sure lots of them wish they could have that opportunity. I'm 59 and have been carrying the torch a long time. ;) Through marriage, love affairs, single, whatever- there is something about Bob that kind of keeps him right there. (pats chest) I don't think its an obsession, at least not for me. I don't have every single album (finances) but I have collected a lot of bootlegs in the past couple of years, I don't know every single lyric, I don't read every single book or dream about running into him or romantic interludes...(well maybe just a little. lol) I think of it more like a kind of long term relationship with an old friend that you fall in love with now and then, or a long term marriage may be a better description because there are things you just love about the person, and things you just really find annoying, or puzzling or sometimes just burn you up, but you can never hold a damn thing against him because the affection is just too deep. (though in someone else you would find it reprehensible and probably never buy a record, or see a movie, TV show or whatever. ) Which is ridiculous of course. Gee, ya think I think about the Bob thing much? OK, maybe a little obsessed. I'm thinking of the site where there is all the "you know you're a Dylan fan when... [external link] But one more thing... It's not really Bob. It's this archetypal figure making a journey that we are identifying with... or something like that! Ok, I'll shut up. I really do talk to much. Sorry There are pages and pages of great lines. .

Brian Fairbanks February 12, 2008
A really, really beautiful song the more you hear it. You should all get this record.

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